Rottweiler Puppies

Originating from Germany, they were originally bred as herders to lead cattle to the market and grazing fields. They later helped in pulling butcher’s carts to the market and were one of the earliest police dogs. Often referred to as “gentle giants”, Rottweilers are robust, large and stout dog. They come with short black coats and rust markings scattered throughout their underside. This breed is a people-loving dog and sometimes have issues sharing their human friends with other furry friends. They are very intelligent and confident, making them highly trainable.

Rottweilers almost died out as a breed by the end of the 20th century. Smaller dogs took over most of their functions. Since they were easier to maintain, many people had to ditch the rottweilers for these smaller breeds. Thanks to a few determined and dedicated breeders, they were magically revived.

What To Feed Rottweiler puppies

So, you own a naturally intelligent dog (rottweiler), it’s quite important for you know what and when to start feed them. You have to know the best food, how much and how often to feed them. They tend to grow to quite large sizes, so appropriate feeding is only but a necessity without which your pup could grow up developing bones and other health issues. Rotties as well as all other dogs are carnivores making meat their primary meal. Thanks to tech, you may find ingredients which are made of grains as they are cheaper. As much as its more economical, your dog should get meat mainly in their diets to keep them healthy and control weight. Puppies should get a more protein diet as compared to adults as this helps them from getting overweighted. Fat content should be around 12% to 16% for adults and 14% to 18% for puppies.

The right diet will give you a healthy and happy dog. A healthy dog is all you will ever need, they will be more energetic and very less likely to develop complications, health issues and overweight.

Rotties are very vulnerable to obesity making it quite common to see a fat rottweiler. A fat rottweiler isn’t a happy one. This makes tends to make them lazy and unenthused, not wanting to play nor exercise.



About Rottweilers

The Rottweiler is a rustic dog with a robustness proportional to his size. He is strong, powerful, and courageous. He is also a protector, particularly loyal to his social group, and suspicious of strangers. Once they have him in their confidence, however, he is an adorable, friendly and affectionate dog, especially among children. Unfortunately, he is the victim of a bad reputation that describes him as naughty and dangerous. This is a 2nd category dog breed, thus he is subjected to strict regulations. His education needs to be initiated at an early age and it needs to be coherent and structured.


What To Know About Rottweiler Puppies?

There are many facts which very few rottweiler owners know about

  • Rottweilers are originally from Rome unlike contrary believe of them coming from Germany, they were brought to Germany by romans who inhabited Germany.
  • They get their name from way back around 73 or 74 AD. When the romans camped near river Neckar in Germany. The area grew into a small town known as Rote Wil’, which later evolved into Rottweil from which the name originates.
  • Rottweilers are very smart and sometime even smarted than their owners. They are thinking dogs and will study a situation before acting
  • Rotties are stubborn. You shouldn’t go overboard with repetitions otherwise you will get slower responses from them. Regardless of this, training and socialization is a most.
  • They can live for up to 11 years and way as much as 100 pounds
  • Rottweilers have a tendency to develop close bonds with the people in their family and they make great family dogs. They’re good with kids and in most cases, they become very protective of their family. 

What Do Rottweilers Look Like?

They have an overall stocky look, with a wide chest, long back and thick legs. Full grown adults are typically about 2 to 2 1⁄2 feet (0.6 to 0.8m) tall and could even be taller. They have large and heavy paws accompanied with high knuckles. Rotties have straight legs, thick necks which are almost the same diameter as their heads.

Where Can I Buy Rottweiler Puppies?

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How Do We Raise Them?

Considering the importance of this close friends of ours. What values do we teach them to make them suit you. They are playful,likes to cuddle and well socialized with kids and other kind of pets like Cats, monkeys and sugar gliders, Are you looking for a puppy with the above qualities?



We proudly offer a 1 year health guarantee against congenital illness or in cases of any undisclosed issue



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When Do They Open Their Eyes?

Rottweilers’ eyes open usually between 10 to 14 days of age. They however won’t be able to clearly see at first. With time, the eyes will open more and become wider with a hazy appearance. By the eighth week of their life, they should have reached full vision. Same goes with the ears.

When Can They Start Going Outside?

Before thinking of letting your rottie go out, you should make sure they have had the third dose of vaccine which is usually at 16-18 weeks. After this, they can visit the park and stay free from all puppyhood diseases.

Another issue you should address before letting the pup out will be behavioral problems. Make sure the puppy has learned to interact with other pets and humans alike. Meanwhile they can be given access around a fenced yard

When Do Rottweilers Stop Growing?

Being a breed, which can get very large and heavier than 130 pounds, they take longer than most to reach their full height. They usually grow to full height between 1 to 2 years after which they still increase in weight until about the third year. Due to this, they may appear smaller even after attaining full height. This is because their body hasn’t fully thickened or broadened yet. The first six months of their lives are characterized with their most intense growth spurt


Klara & Kara

Happy moms of a big family of Rots. We addopted Spark and Rex from akcrottweiler a few years ago. Ever since they have made our joy and we had to go back to get Elif,Griff, Flash... just to name a few. Recently Elif has given us 2 beautiful puppies and we are now grand parents. Thank you AKC

Steven and Speed

My name is Steven and I addopted Speed a few months ago. This is a pic of him after just 2 weeks with me. I can say I spoil him with joy, but the truth is he brought me back to life. Been depressive for a while now and he was recommended for my therapy by my doctor. I got in contact with akcrottweiler and ever since I'm a new guy. Thanks


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