Call usΒ  AKCrottweiler as our online plateform or simply AKC. We are a unified set of individuals who care about pets and their relationship with us.The Rottweiler is the spacies we took due to our founder’s incredible love for his best friend Flin who was a Rottweiler.Β 

The Rottweiler was originally dogs bred to drive cattle to market. Later they were used to pull carts for butchers. They were among the earliest police dogs and serve with honor in the military.Most important, they are popular family guardians and friends. Novice pet parents should beware, as these dogs are strong and intense. They need experienced care and training. Consistent, energetic pet parents will find a loving, faithful, and intelligent friend for life in a Rottie!

How to Take Care of an Adult Rottweiler

Rottweilers aren’t the dog for everyone. As a dominant breed, they need to know you are the boss, or guess who rules the roost? If you get your Rottie as an adult rather than a puppy, you might need to undo some prior bad handling.


While training is necessary for all dogs, it’s absolutely essential for a Rottweiler. You’ve got a big, powerful dog on your hands. He’s also a dog who likes to learn and does well in all sorts of canine competition, such as obedience, agility or herding. Since the breed was once used as draft dogs, you can even teach him to pull a cart. Don’t laugh — it could come in handy if you’re doing yard or construction work around the house. Behind that tough exterior, Rotties can be very sensitive, so don’t yell at him if he’s not up to par in his training. Be firm and consistent, and he’ll get there.


Even though Rotties have short hair, they shed a lot so try to give your dog a good brushing several times a week. Rotties are double-coated, and the undercoat blows out each spring and fall. He doesn’t need bathing very often unless he’s really dirty. Too much bathing often results in flaky skin — Rottie dandruff. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed, which may be easier said than done with the Rottie. Start by handling the dog’s feet, watching carefully to see how he reacts. Over time, he should allow to gently clip his nails.


Rotties need a lot of exercise, so make it a good workout for the two of you. Give your dog a couple of long daily walks, along with access to a fenced-in yard. He needs mental as well as physical exercise. A bored Rottie can turn into a destructive Rottie. From his viewpoint, destroying stuff relieves the boredom. Play games with him and get him some doggie puzzle toys that he have fun figuring out.