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Frequently Asked Question!

Easy, follow the 4 guides bellow:

  1. 4 days per week chicken with bone (ground or whole carcass) with veggies.
  2. 3 days per week beef/buffalo or elk with veggies.
  3. 1 to 2 of these red meat days should include a raw meaty bone (knuckles and necks are best for large breeds).
  4. Be sure to give him 3000mg of fish oil every day while he is growing.

Rottweilers are a slow-growing breed, and it takes some time for them to stop growing. Slow and steady is the ideal pace for this dog.

Generally, most rapid growth in this breed appears to occur between birth and 8 months.

Simply fill a form specifying your request. We will get back to you regarding your choice and the requirements.

No! we are typical Rottweiler growers.

No! Given we actually prioritize the relationship you build with them from their young ages.

We do not train them for security purposes.