Giant Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

Giant Rottweiler Puppies For Sale

The Rottweiler is a rustic dog with a robustness proportional to his size. He is strong, powerful, and courageous. He is also a protector, particularly loyal to his social group, and suspicious of strangers. Once they have him in their confidence, however, he is an adorable, friendly and affectionate dog, especially among children. Unfortunately, he is the victim of a bad reputation that describes him as naughty and dangerous. This is a 2nd category dog breed, thus he is subjected to strict regulations. His education needs to be initiated at an early age and it needs to be coherent and structured.



While they can be domineering, with appropriate training and socialization, the Rottweiler is a loyal, loving dog. They’re not only affectionate with people; working Rottweilers have been known to bond with the livestock they herd. The good-natured Rottie is calm, trustworthy, and obedient. They possess a natural instinct to protect and can be stubborn at timesโ€”without proper training from an early age, the breed can exhibit behavioral problems or be pushy with owners or strangers. Even experienced dog owners are urged to attend obedience classes from puppyhood in order to properly socialize the breed with both people and other dogs. The heavyweight breed didn’t get the memo that they are not lap dogs and they may try to sit or lean on people, which may be a concern for children, the elderly, or people with decreased mobility.

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Are Rottweilers Good with Kids? The affectionate Rottweiler can be a wonderful pick for a household with children with early training and supervision. Though they are a kindhearted breed, they are also large and goofy and may be too exuberant during play. As natural herders, they attempt to round up children by bumping themโ€”but may not know their own strength and can inadvertently knock children down.

Are Rottweilers Good with Other Pets? Rottweilers may get along with other dogs in the home if introduced properly, though they may be territorial with dogs of the same sex. They may be less accepting of dogs outside of the home, so socialization is important. Some Rotties can live with dog-experienced cats with supervision, but may chase. They often tend to livestock even without training due to their natural instinct to protect.


The Rottweiler’s guarding instinct is strong. They can be territorial and protective, and may make good guard dogs. While the Rottweiler is friendly and affectionate with family, proper training is essential to ensure the guarding instincts do not cause harm to visitors. While usually quiet, they may bark when someone approaches the home. Their powerful voice may be all the guard dog anyone needs.


Though many Rottweilers enjoy lounging about for a good part of the day, they are working dogs that need to burn off their energy. They are more likely to play in the company of their people rather than exercise when left home during the day. The energetic Rottie can be difficult, pushy, or destructive if not given enough exercise.



Rottweilers respond well to basic training. Begin socializing and training Rottweiler puppies early to prevent battles over dominance. The breed can be headstrong and stubborn if training is not prioritized from an early age. Rotties respond best to positive reinforcement.


The hardworking, energetic Rottweiler loves spending time with people. Rottweilers want to please, and also appreciate stimulating games and advanced tricks training. Rottweilers love the physical and mental exercise gained from agility training. To prevent injuries to growing bodies, agility training can begin when a Rottie is full-grownโ€”around 18 months old.


The Rottweiler is a working dog, and historically the breed has been used as a hunting dog. However, they may not be patient enough to point or have a sense of smell keen enough for the job. A Rottweiler may enjoy retrieving, if the time is put into training them for the task.

5 Facts About Rottweilers That Would Make You Fall In Love With Them

Rottweilers are amazing animals. They are smart, they are loyal, they are intelligent, they are wise, they are magnificent! Now, if you have a Rottweiler at home, we guess you already know of facts that make them adorable. Else, here is a list of 5 facts about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with them.

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  • Rottweilers Are Freakishly Smart

They are extremely smart and not for the weak of heart. They probably know more than you by this point. Rotties have the mental capacity to analyze every situation before dipping their paws in it. This is probably why they are not fit for first-time dog owners. You never really know what to do with them.

  • They Love Food

For foodies, this is one fact about Rottweilers that would make you fall in love with themโ€ฆtill a certain point. But after you pound your Rottweiler morbidly obese and still slobbering food, you know enough is enough. Stop feeding them more, dammit!

  • They Are Lap-Dogs. Well, They Think They Are

Another fact about Rottweilers that will make you fall in love with them more is that they think they are lap-dogs. They can get to their ultimate size and they would still be looking at you to pick them up. Be a dear and please pick them up?

  • Stubborn As A Mule

They can be stubborn. Oh lord, they can be! If you keep taking them through the same motions again and again, they are sure to get bored right out of their mind, and actually not follow through.

  • Loyal As Aโ€ฆDog?

Well, they are definitely loyal, and they are definitely dogs. They may be the devil incarnate for evil-doers, but for their family, they are the cuddliest of teddy bears with an evil set of jaws. They will protect you, and your kids and God save anyone who crossed any one of you.

In summary: The noble Rottweiler is a well-recognized breed. The rugged Rottie is dependable and hardworking, with an aloof, yet friendly, manner. They’re sturdy, alert dogs that are known to sit and observe before making any decisions on how to proceed. They are loyal, confident, and courageous, but are often depicted negatively. Rottweilers aren’t recommended for first-time dog owners as they can be headstrong. The breed may be territorial or protective of family, but proper socialization and training from an early young age provide the foundation for a well-behaved lifelong companion.

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